Bad apps and services you should avoid

gab friends

Text and video chat

Whatsapp is a spy app. Facebook own it, and sees all your messages, video chats, and other content - and they store it forever. Data collection: Everything under the sun. Device ID, User ID, Advertising Data, Purchase History, Coarse Location, Phone Number, Email Address, Contacts, Product Interaction, Crash Data, Performance Data, Other Diagnostic Data, Payment Info, Customer Support, Product Interaction, and Other User Content, etc, etc.

Pretty much any chat app…makes money selling your data that they get by spying on you.

Social Media

Facebook has become a totalitarian tool of the elites, which censors speech that does not fit globalist narratives and deplatforms dissenters. Data collection:Everything.

TikTok is a chinese communist propaganda tool that is funded by the chinese communist regime and is designed to make users believe they have a lot of followers and likes, but in reality most of the followers and likes are created by chinese communist bots. It also spreads hate between people of different skin color, spies on the American people, and organizes riots and looting by antifa and blm at the command from agents working from China. Data collection:Everything.

Instagram Same garbage as Facebook. Data collection:Everything.

YouTube The number 1 propaganda and censorship tool on our great Internet. Owned and governed by illegitimate marxist elitists. Data collection:Everything.