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Exporting contacts from Android to your GOOST Phone

1. Open the Contacts app:


Open the Contacts app. On Android, the Google contacts app might be blue…

2. Tap the menu button:


Look for a ⁝ or ⋯ at the top-right corner of the contacts list. On older devices, you may need to tap the multitask button near the home key to bring up the menu.

3. Tap Share:


4. Select to “share all” tap Share:


There are many options to share contacts, including using:

  • Email
  • NFC (sharing by touching the phones together)
  • Android Beam
  • Bluetoot

(If you decide to share using email, then you can skip the following steps…)

5. (On your GOOST phone) ensure it can receive your contacts


If you’re sharing your contacts using NFC, Android Beam, or Bluetoot, you will have to ensure this is also enabled on your GOOST phone

6. Select sharing method:


7. Back up your contacts!

We highly recommend you also back up your contacts somewhere else. You can save a .csv file in your email, on your computer, or on a USB drive.

Creating an E-account!

You can also create an E-account, which is a cloud account that you can sync your phone to. Go here to setup an E-account