Q: How fast can I get the phone?

A: The estimated delivery time will be 10-14 days from the time of order.

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Q: What service provider do you support?

A: AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cricket. Just put your SIM card in and you’re good to go. It might work on other providers, but these are the providers we know work.


Q: Does this phone work like a normal phone?

A: Yes, it’s just like any other smartphone, except it doesn’t spy on you.

Q: How do I transfer my contacts from my old phone to my new GOOST phone?

A: Check out this guide for Samsung, and this guide for Apple.

Q: What makes the GOOST Phone different?

A: GOOST uses an independent operating system NOT owned by BIG TECH, with features that protects your privacy.

Q: Is this phone for criminals?

A: Absolutely not. Our networks are specifically designed to not interact with criminal computer networks, and our phones do not work with crime related apps. We ban CRIME just as much as we ban BIG TECH. This makes our phones more secure, thereby making our customers more secure. This phone is made for law obiding, freedom loving people - and we will ban phones tied to any criminal activity.

Q: Does this phone protect against listening to my conversations?

A: Yes. Stop using random chat apps, social networks, the cell network, and SMS – and start using the Conversations app on our domain.

Q: What does it not do?

A: Unless you take out your SIM card, mobile networks will still be able to triangulate your approximate location. But that is beyond the scope of Big Tech spying.

Q: I don’t like 5G, can it be turned off?

A: It doesn’t have 5G. We specifically picked a phone that doesn’t support 5G. 5G migh cause severe damage to your body’s immune system.


Q: What’s the point? They already have all my data.

A: You still have your life ahead of you, where you will do and say things, that you haven’t said or done. You can protect your life going forward by using this phone. But the longer you let BIG TECH spy on you, your thoughts and actions will be used against you in an ever more totalitarian way.

Q: If I have nothing to hide, I’m okay – right?

A: We all say, and do things that we wouldn’t want someone who hates us to know. Anyone who hates us could use it against us. The people behind BIG TECH hate you, and they will use anything they know about you – against you, and those you love. Thousands of people have had their lives ruined because of this, and it’s just a matter of time before that number will be in the millions.

Q: How do these google and apple phones actually spy on me?

A: Consider everything on your smartphone to be an app, made by different developers. These apps have the permissions (that you’ve given them through accepting their terms of agreement) to turn on cameras, microphones, file storage, contacts, and so on – at any time the app wants to. It’s literally a spy device that you have consented to carrying on your body. It wouldn’t be too bad if you could control where the data ended up and how it was used – but you can’t control this: Most of these developers don’t have the time and money to build their own datacenters, so they use google, facebook, twitter, and apple datacenters to store voice, messages, key strokes, videos, pictures, gps locations, and so on. This means everything that you do, regardless of app, is stored by a few BIG TECH companies. This data is then mined for value, sold to third parties, and funneled to varios organizations.

Ads, tracking, and malware

Q: Does it block ads?

A: Yes! Our defualt browser is great at blocking ads. Did you know the average user spends $86 month extra because of ads? We can assure you this will increase your productivity.

Q: Does it block viruses and malware?

A: Yes! As long as you’re connected through the Goost VPN, which is built-in to the device, you will benefit from our many malware blocking feature.

Q: Does it block tracking?

A: Yes! By using our default browser, in addition to using our VPN, it is extremely hard for trackers to know who you are and what you’re doing on the Internet.

Q: What data does your network collect?

A: We don’t store anything. You are anonymous to us, we don’t know who you are. We just see a bunch of jibberish (encrypted traffic).


Q: Can I still install social network apps like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, etc?

A: Yes, you can - but you turn your device into a spy device… However, you can use your browser to use their websites and thereby maintaining way more privacy. Most features work through the browser, so if you really want to stay on these social networks (that hate you), then use your browser. We believe and Instagram are good alternatives.

Q: I don’t like the maps/navigation app that comes with the device - can I install something else?

A: It’s not that good, to be honest. If you want to use the phone for navigation, then you might want to install one of the typical maps/navigation apps. Just ensure it only can get your location while in use, as opposed to all the time.

Q: Are there any particular VPNs you recommend for the phone? I see some are really expensive, like $20 per month…

A: The phone comes with a state-of-the-art VPN. Just open the “OpenVPN Connect” app and ensure you’re connected.

Q: What social media apps do you recommend putting on my phone?

A: Social media apps are the most troubling in terms of privacy and security, because they are used to gather your movement and sharing of thoughts with others. This is something most BIG TECH wants to control -thoughts and movement. Apps such as facebook, twitter, google, instagram, et al, turn your phone into a spy device and you need to quit using these companies. We recommend and Hopefully these websites will soon come out with their own apps. Also, check out our pre-installed apps

Q: What messaging and talk apps do you recommend putting on my phone?

A: We recommend using Conversations, which is pre-installed on the phone. We have separate servers you can connect to through your phone’s Goost VPN. Also, Telegram and Signal are not private, but they’re not focused on spying on you -however this can change immediately and without warning, because BIG TECH is already pressuring them to do so. As of now, we do not recommend against using Telegram and Signal.

Q: How do I start using the Conversations app?

A: Just open the app and hit register new account. You must create a user account on our server to get the best privacy – with the domain Here’s an example user on our secret chat server: You’ll be instantly able to talk to other Goost users. Check the setup guide here

Q: I can’t login with the conversations app, what’s wrong?

A: Ensure you’re on the Goost VPN. Also, check your password. If you lose your password, you’re out of luck, because we don’t store anything and have no control of your password.

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