Are we free?

You’re free as long as you do as the elites, media, big tech, political correctness, critical race theory, intersectionality, and social media tell you to live. And they use technology to spy on you, to make sure you live that way. In other words, NO, you are not free.

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Our founding fathers say we are not.

Our founders realized that our freedom of speech, our privacy and our right to not be spied on were the cornerstone of a great country. John Hancock, Paul Revere and the other 54 Patriots could never have foreseen how BIG TECH would destroy everything they fought for, more than 200 years later. Brave men & women of 1776 dedicated themselves to the very principles that are again being stolen from us. Make no mistake, BIG TECH is attacking your freedom every day in a way more dangerous than anyone could have imagined 200 years ago.

Claim your freedom.

America must again stand up for our freedom and resist this invasion into our privacy, into our thoughts and into our decision making. Fighting BIG TECH is easier than you think. GOOST provides an effective alternative to the spy device that BIG TECH has embedded into our lives. GOOST doesn’t use a BIG TECH operating system, GOOST uses apps that don’t track you, don’t spy on you and don’t invade your lives. BIG TECH can be stopped but it is going to take the courage of our Founding Fathers to defeat this modern day enemy… GOOST THEM.

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