A Smart Phone with extreme privacy features

Uncompromising privacy

Each phone has privacy features worth more than $80 per month, per device.

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Stop worrying if someone is listening or watching:

GOOST Phones provide all the technology to function in todays society while providing unparalleled Privacy and Security.

Talk and text with friends and family - without being spied on:

The phone comes with an app (conversations), which you can use to log into the GOOST secret chat network. It is completely private and encrypted. Not even GOOST knows who you are, what you talk about, or to whom - and we like it that way.

Stay anonymous from BIG TECH:

The phone’s app store anonymises you, by masking your identity when you use apps. Also, the phone’s operating system (E-OS) is designed for privacy, and audited by a community of developers who want to ensure no code on the phone is spying on you.

No sharing of your data - by default:

You have complete control of what data you want to share with apps. You chose what data apps can have access to.

Browse the web - without being tracked:

By using our default browser, in addition to using our VPN, it is extremely hard for BIG TECH to track you while navigating the Internet.

You don’t share anything with us:

You are anonymous to us, we don’t know who you are. We just see a bunch of jibberish (encrypted traffic) on the GOOST network.

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Pre-installed Apps

Pre-installed Apps

Installed apps protecting your privacy

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