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You are the product.

None of these things are FREE. We all pay a huge price to BIG TECH but most don’t even realize it. BIG TECH has created the largest spying operation in the history of man, and it is only going to get worse unless we all work to stop it. BIG TECH is not selling products or services, they are selling YOU. BIG TECH is not just finding out what is going on in your life, they are shaping your future and influencing your decisions.

What do you call a person that is sold?

BIG TECH is generating unprecedented profits from selling you to the highest bidders. Everything you say and do is being captured, recorded and used to not only spy on your life but with intent to influence and alter your life. Imagine if NOTHING you did was private including your conversations, travels, interest, relationships, hobbies, politics, search history, emails, social media, medical history and even your diary. Don’t imagine anymore… THIS IS REALITY. Spying on you is not a byproduct of BIG TECH, it is the intended product. By providing people with “FREE” services to lure them into their spy machines, BIG TECH is absolutely purposely creating a network to invade the lives of AMERICANS.

A separate and equally troubling situation occurring in America is that BIG TECH is working with the powers that be, to turn over information about Americans, without going through the proper channels to gather such information and comply with our 4th Amendment rights. All this is preventable and EVERY AMERICAN has the ability to fight this invasion of our lives. We all can GOOST BIG TECH. Take the first step in leading a private life and standing up to BIG TECH. Order your GOOST PHONE today. The first 10,000 phones will be sold at a discount because GOOST wants to do its part to help regain America. GOOST THEM.

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